Our Services

Comprehensive competence for us implies caring for our clients' technical, commercial and organisational demands in a confident and correct manner.

Project Development and Design

In the project development phase we assist you with demonstrative conceptional designs, substantiated budget estimations and detailled profitability calculations. For the licensing procedures we coordinate our design and engineering with national authorities and create extensive documentations specifically for your project. During detailed engineering all assembly sections and battery limits are defined jointly.

Plant Erection

Regardless talking about turnkey contracting including feedstock handling and preparation systems or pure Economizer SE product supplies you can count on our consistent quality control for own products like the Economizer SE systems as well as for purchased parts like conveying and chopping technologies. Our building sites are managed by competent and experienced supervisors. For assembly and construction works we deploy skilled personnel.

Commissioning and Support

During the several weeks of start up we train your staff intensively and in detail to ensure a successful plant exploitation. Subsequently you take over a well functioning plant, regardless if it is just an Economizer SE system for substrate conditioning or a complete feedstock pre-treatment line including feedstock handling and pre-conditioning systems. Beyond the warranty and guarantee period we are assisting you on demand, and perform necessary maintenance works and services in a fast and competent manner.