Upgrading of biogas plants with Economizer SE technology

Many operators of biogas plants face the cost pressure of rising substrate prices, or suffer from limited system availability due to recurring exploitation problems. Biogas Systems GmbH's patented Economizer SE technology solves this challenge: Defining alternative low-cost substrates like dung, landscaping rejects, straw and hay of minor quality etc. substrate costs are reduced significantly. Plus the Economizer SE substrate decomposition effect, which results in a substantially higher performance out of the existing fermenter volume.


System Upgrading

Today's agriculture without biogas plants is yet inconceivable. However not all biogas projects have fulfilled the expectations. The patented Economizer SE technology is predestinated for the optimisation and upgrading of such cases and for the extension of existing biogas plants. After the application of an Economizer SE system a wide range of new substrates is at your disposal: straw and stalk of various field crops, stall manure, landscaping waste as well as almost any agricultural rejects. The dependancy on maize silage or other conventional renewable energy crops for you is the past.