Extension of biogas plants with Economizer SE technology

Some plant owners plan to extend the capacity of their biogas plants, and also intend to improve the applied technology in the same step. Of course this has to take place under lowest possible investment costs, and – below the line – shall enhance the over all economical balance of the biogas plant. Biogas Systems GmbH's patented Economizer SE technology solves this challenge: Defining alternative low-cost substrates like dung, landscaping rejects, straw and hay of minor quality etc. substrate costs are reduced significantly. Plus the Economizer SE substrate decomposition effect, which results in a substantially higher performance out of the existing fermenter volume.


System Extension

Because of the accelerated fermentation process after the Economizer SE pre-treatment up to 750 kW electric power can be generated from the fermenter volume of a conventional 500 kW renewable energy crop based biogas plant. Plus the Economizer SE ensures running your biogas plant at high over all efficiency without recurrent limitations. The Economizer SE's high-grade substrate decomposition anticipates forming of growing surface layers built from unhydrolised substrate. System availability of your plant is guaranteed all- year.The pre-treated substrate input is completely fermented after passing main and post fermenter. This maximizes the biogas yield, and post-fermentation processes inside the final manure lagoon are prohibited.