Economizer SE

It took us several years of research and engineering in cooperation with leading experts and institutes to develop the Economizer SE technology: The result is a patent protected solution for hydrolysis of cellulosis-rich biomass for a more efficient fermentation with enhanced energy yield.



Inside the Economizer SE – after coarse chopping and mixing – almost any kind of grained, fibrous, solid or even viscous organic raw substrate is heated in two steps up to 180° C and treated in a hydrolizer reactor at up to 10 bar overpressure. Reaction energy is supplied as caloric energy, e.g. from exhaust-gas heat recovered from a CHP block power unit. More than 50 % of the required process heat is re-cycled inside the system, which is the reason for the Economizer SE's outstanding energy balance. After completed hydrolysis a shock relaxation step with "steam explosion effect" achieves maximum substrate disintegration. Coarse substrate compositions are turned into a homogenous, easy convertable feed slurry.The following step of biological fermentation now works under constant reaction conditions at reduced retention time. This guarantees stable, trouble-free operation.



The standardized Economizer SE series is available in operational capacities from 1.5 up to 2.5 tons of substrate per hour. Economizer SE applications allow conversion of almost any kind of agricultural residue like straw or dung, next to conventional renewable energy crops, and even landscaping wastes up to bush cuttings, into biogas. Municipal and industrial biogas plant owners benefit from an increased flexibility: Domestic organic waste, green cuttings, leaves and more – all that can be utilized in a biogas plant after the Economizer SE treatment. Economizer SE plants fulfil all requirements of the EN 1774/2002 regulation concerning disinfection of hygienically critical wastes (classification II and III). The modular Economizer SE plants can be applied for new biogas systems from 750 kW as well as for upgrading and extension of existing biogas plants from 500 kW electric power equivalent. Next to standardized Economizer SE packages Biogas Systems GmbH offers the erection of complete feedstock treatment systems including storage and handling facilities, conveyors and chopper systems.